Curriculum Vitae

Permanent Address:                       Current Address:
Mladost 3                                     BUA Campus
bl.352, apt. 61                                No.7, Beinong Road
Sofia 1712,                                                          Deshengmenwai
Bulgaria, EU                                  Beijing, China 102206                                                                    
Email:               Phone: 0086-130-212-42975
Doctor of Philosophy, Intercultural Studies
Asbury University - ATS, Wilmore, Kentucky, USA, 2003-2008.
• Gypsy Pentecostals: The Growth of the Pentecostal Movement among the Roma in Bulgaria and its Revitalization of Their Communities. Dr. George Hunter, III (mentor), Dr. Terry Muck and Dr. Russell West (committee members).
• Anthropology/World Religions (majors).
• Tuition Scholarship and Research Grants.
• Class Award for Academic Excellence.
Master of Divinity
Lee University - PTS, Cleveland, Tennessee, USA, 1997-1999.  
• Dr. French Arrington (supervisor).
• Scholarships and Research Assistance.
Bachelor of Science
Lee University, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, 1994-1997.
• Class Academic and “Most Likely to Succeed” awards.  
• Full Scholarship to the program.
CELTA (Avo Bell School of English, Sofia, Bulgaria, July 2012.
Research Experiences and Interests
• 2014 – 2015   Congo Free State history (1885-1908)
• 2013 – 2015   European Colonialism in Africa. 
• 2012 – 2014   Critical Thinking.
• 1999 – 2012   Chinese Culture.
• 1998 – 2011   World Religions and Modern Cults.
• 2009 – 2014   African Culture and Context.
• 2009 – 2012   Refugees’ Life in Bulgaria.
• 2000 – 2010   Roma (Gypsy) People and Culture.
Gypsy Pentecostals: The Growth of the Pentecostal Movement among
the Roma in Bulgaria and its Revitalization of Their Communities,
Lexington: Emeth Press, 2010.
“The Pentecostal Movement among Bulgaria’s Gypsies.” Pneuma: The Journal of the Society for Pentecostal Studies, Vol. 33 (No. 3 2011): 351-369.
The Congo Shame of the Belgian Monarchy. TEMA Magazine, Bulgaria. September 2014.
The Pentecostal Movement in Austria and Hungary in Vinson Synan & Amos Yong, eds., Global Renewal Christianity: Spirit-Empowered Movements Past, Present, and Future, vol. IV: Europe and North America (Lake Mary, Fla.: Charisma House Publishers, 2016). (in process of publication).
CCTV.COM Panview Contributions on African issues and China-Africa relations.
Teaching Experience
2014 – Present, Oral English, Academic Writing, and Public Speaking,
Renmin University of China (RUC).
2014 – Present, Christian History, Missions, and Anthropology, Malaysia Baptist Theological Seminary (Adjunct Faculty). 
2012 – 2014, Oral English, Critical Thinking, Research Methods,
Beijing University of Agriculture (BUA)/Harper Adams University, UK (joint program).
2006 – 2008, Teaching Intern, Asbury Theological Seminary, Wilmore, KY, USA.
1999 – 2003, Lecturer, Bulgarian Evangelical Theological Institute,
Sofia, Bulgaria.
Public Lectures
• Development Work in a Post-War Context, Monrovia, Liberia, February, 2009.
• Edward T. Hall’s Classification of Culture, Beijing University of Agriculture (BUA),    January, 2013
• China’s Present Position on the Global Stage, BUA, January, 2013. 
• Geert Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions Theory, BUA, June, 2013.
• Public Speaking: Lessons from Aristotle, Sinopharm Group, July 2013.
• Famous Writers against an Infamous King: Classic British and American Literature Exposing the Horrors of the Congo Free State, RUC, Fall 2014.
Teaching Expertise
• Cross-cultural Communication.
• International Issues.
• World History, Cultures, and Philosophies.
• Religions of the World.
• Critical Thinking, Writing, and Reasoning.
• Oral English.
• Academic Reading and Writing.
• Research Methods.
• Public Speaking
Administrative Activity / Community Involvement
• Organizing and leading field trips for students.
• Academic advising and assistance with research.
• Conference participation and presentations.
• Assistance in fund-raising for educational initiatives.
• Sitting on committees and providing institutional support.
• Mediation in the resolution of issues with students and faculty.
Professional Experiences (non-academic)
2008 – 2011, Executive Director, Carpenter Foundation (NGO), Sofia, Bulgaria.
2011 - 2012, Private Teacher of English. Sofia, Bulgaria.
2002 (January – July) – Bulgarian Military Service, Home Affairs Department.
1999 (Summer Term) - Clinical Education – Erlanger Hospital, Chattanooga, TN.
Languages (CEFR)
Bulgarian (Native), English (Proficient), Russian (Independent), Spanish (Independent), Romanes (Basic), Mandarin Chinese (Basic),
Koine Greek (reading).